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“I can see through you, see the real you.” // not pretty broken, but it fits to their friendship, i think








Broken Relationships Lyric Starters 

And that’s what made the Doctor stop talking so quick and trying to get out of the uncomfortable situation with changing the matter. It was rather rare for Yazlyn to get so serious with him and he knew he had already lost avoiding the matter with that. 
Taking a deep breath, he looked down and pushed his hands into his pockets, like a child caught doing something bad. 
"Maybe you can, but I wish you wouldn’t. It’s not a truth easy to bear. Not even for me." 

"Why? I would never judge you, and you know that." Yazlyn smiled at him and took his hands out of his pockets into hers. "You don’t have to carry that alone. You wish, i didn’t know you so well? Would you prefer to lie?" Her eyebrows raised.

The Doctor looked down when she took his head, intertwining their fingers and gave a long sigh before looking up her with a tiny bitter smile: 
All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” 

"You’re not a player to me, Doctor. And it should say ‘All the Universe’ Because we don’t live in a ‘World’ itself." She gave him an serious look and took her hands away. "You don’t like it, when somebody knows more than the stupid Time Lord on the top, hm?"

The Doctor almost didn’t want to let go of her hands, but didn’t stop her when she moved away, looking down at his feet and up at her again. 
"Yah.. I don’t want to… be reminded of what I am all the time." he said finally, looking back at the console afterwards, frowning lightly. 

"So, i don’t know what you think you are.." She raised an eyebrow and made him to look at her again. "I think you’re a good person. You stand in for the right thing, even if it’s difficult to say what is right and what is wrong. You got a lot of courage and love for every living being. You let persons live, that i would kill right where they stand and that’s what make you better than me. Don’t you think, you’re so bad.."

Straightening himself up as she spoke, his eyes went wide with surprise and at a point he started to smile. Not without an acrimony overlaying it, but still he was a little bit speechless when Yaz was done. 
No he didn’t blush, but still let his eyes drop and rolled back on the balls of his feet in slight embarrassment. 
"You think too high of me, Yazlyn, but I’m glad you do. Still got it, ey?" 

If she wouldn’t knew it better, she would say his face was gettin’ red. Sure it didn’t, but that would be far too cute. Yazlyn smiled at him. She couldn’t help herself and made a step forward. Her arms hugged the Time Lord and she leaned her face against his chest. 

"I don’t care what you think about that. You’re my best friend and i’m sure you’re a great person."

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1000000lightyears asked:
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“Did you never love me?”

"What?" Yaz looked at him, pretty confused. "You drunk, Time Lord? Of course I love you. You and the old girl are my family." She turned her look to the console. "We should hide the scotch, sweetheart.."

The Doctor’s face lit up with surprise and he smiled at her, not expecting an answer like that. 
"I’m not that drunk.. well I am.. alright.." he uttered and walked up to her, hugging her shortly. 
"I’m glad we have the same picture of all that." he answered, pulling back and leaning against the console. It was nice. He never had to worry about something like that with Yaz apparently. 

That hug suprised her a bit. But than a played, angry face showed up. “You’re drinking alone? Since when? Now i’m insulted!” Yazlyn turned again at the console. “Hide the Scotch! My room is a pretty good place for it!”, she laughed and punshed his shoulder. “Stupid Time Lord!”

The Doctor crossed his arms, opening his mouth to apologise, but then he punched his arm playfully and he started to laugh, bowing slightly forwards and glancing over to her. 
"Stupid Yazlyn. And it would be gone a lot sooner if I’d leave it there." 

"I’m a whitch. I can make scotch disappear!" Yazlyn grinned. She ran towards him, smacked his butt and fled, laughing, into the corridors of the TARDIS, right into the kitchen to hide there. 

He’s finally done! 


so there he is. 

Welcome to my roleplaying crew, commander. 

i’m damned happy now, because he was a lot of work for me ^^ 


i finally made it. hello pretty bastard <3


Imagine if all the Doctor/Master shippers were put in a room together and left to discuss things.

Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.  

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