The Doctor loved River. He married her!
The Doctor can never see Amy or Rory again because reasons.
Clara survived the Doctors time stream and remembers nothing because reasons.
Clara loves the Doctor or the Doctor loves Clara….?

The War Doctor.
The Doctor never destroyed Gallifrey. He would never do that!
Having never destroyed Gallifrey takes nothing away from the stories of the 9th Doctor or 10th Doctor.
Clara convinces the Time Lords to give the Doctor more regenerations because…love?
After knowing he didn’t burn his planet the Doctor celebrates his new regeneration by becoming darker, more alien, and shows this by being mean to humans because…he’s an old alien and that makes it ok…?
When people try to explain all of the above to me.



EXACTLY that. Couldnt have said it better myself.

Two points I’d like to add to: Gallifrey coming back and the time lords loving the Doctor.

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thoscheiongallifrey fragte:

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"Ahm…." Yazlyn scratched her head. "You were not supposed to be here now.. But anyway.." She crossed her arms. "I… ah.. just came out of the shower and wanted to drink some coffee and so I’ve suspected, that I’m alone the the old girl.."… ‘You’re terrible at lying, Yazlyn Eriu..’, she thought to herself.

"Well I’ve not fallen into one exactly. I was more thrown into one. The old girl saved me since I had a piece of the ship on me and could call her like that. Nevermind."

He turned back and swirled the spoon in his cup. Rolling his eyes at her he took a sip of the oversweetened coffee and answered: 
"Coffee-Drinker~ and yes. It certainly will end up me being a bit…hyped up, but I really want to finish things and having quicker movements will be only welcomed." 

"Awww.. TARDIS to the rescue. See that’s what you doing, when you have no one to take care of your ass, stupid Time Lord." She laughed quietly. "You should drink this coffee here. Then you’ll work faster!"

Yazlyn put the empty mug down and grinned at her best friend. “So, I think I’m getting dressed now and then take a few rounds playing chess with the old girl. I’m so going to lose…” Seh gave him a small kiss on the cheek. “See you later, Doctor.” And walked out, through the corridors, to her own room. 

The Doctor felt the caffeine already kicking in by the time she excused herself to get dressed and play chess. He chuckled as she kissed his cheek and answered: 
"Yes. See you later." 

He left the coffee half-drunk on the counter and headed for the console room, bouncing on his feet and had his specs on even before he even got there. Basically jumping down through the hatch he got hold of a few wires and started to hum a melody. 

Yaz walked into her room and took a look into her wardrobe. She decided to put her usual dress on. The long black cloth adjusted directly to her dark skin. Always a feeling like home for her. 

We start now? In the libary?, she asked the TARDIS telepathically.

An annoyed grown came from the ship. 

What’s wrong, dear? No answer. Yazlyn frowned and left her bedroom. She went trough the corridors, barefoot. She loved the feeling of the TARIDS right under her feet. 

When she reached the console room, Yaz looked down to the Doctor. “What did you do? She sounded pretty angry! You really got a talent for making the ladies mad at you..”